wojtek mosiejczuk +48 663 425 457
Video games 2021 OUTRIDERS People Can Fly, Square Enix — game designer:
▸ design, implementation and maintenance of in-game Accolades and third-party Achievements, including external platform setup,
▸ additional design and implementation of gameplay abilities and item mods (Gameplay Ability System),
▸ gamepad sensitivity setup (response curves, camera speeds, interpolation algorithms, trigger behavior),
▸ creation of game design tools (debug systems, input monitors, conversion and reimport scripts, data analyzers),
▸ production and post-production of ability tutorial videos,
▸ a number of other design and technical tasks.
2019 UNANNOUNCED PROJECT CreativeForge Games — game designer:
▸ design and implementation of gameplay mechanics,
▸ design and implementation of NPC AI,
▸ story mission research and design.
2018 PHANTOM DOCTRINE CreativeForge Games, Good Shepherd Entertainment — game designer:
▸ level design and mission logic scripting,
▸ content design, including character presents and item mods,
▸ design of achievements and trophies,
▸ writing treatments, screenplays and shot lists for almost 25 minutes of prerendered cinematics and in-game cutscenes,
▸ historical research and creation of asset requests lists,
▸ capturing promotional screenshots and in-game trailer footage,
▸ additional writing of in-game content,
▸ a number of other design and technical tasks.
Selected filmography 2016 Maanam być pięknie 47" documentary about a Polish rock band for Warner Music Poland — Director, Writer, 2015 — 2019 Music videos — Director and Animator of 10 music and lyric videos (20M total views on YouTube), 2013 Suspected Lovers (Podejrzani zakochani) feature film by Sławomir Kryński — Second Assistant Director, 2011 Sport Without Barriers (Sport bez barier) a series of short documentaries for an NGO, broadcasted on Polsat TV — Director, 2008 All that I love (Wszystko co kocham) feature film by Jacek Borcuch, Sundance 2010, polish 2010 Oscar candidate — Video Assistant.
Hard Skills ▸ Proficiency in multiple aspects of Unreal Engine 4, ▸ 2D animation + video editing and compression (After Effects, Premiere), ▸ Scripting (PHP, JavaScript, Python, C#), ▸ Code reading and navigation (C++). Education 2010 — 2013 Warsaw Film School, Faculty of Film Directing,2009 — 2010 University of Bucharest, Faculty of Foreign Languages — LLP Erasmus,2008 — 2009 Akademia Artes Liberales — film theory course at the University of Silesia,2007 — 2013 University of Warsaw, Romance studies — master's degree,2005 — 2006 Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing — elementary course. Spoken languages polish native english level C1, language certificate from the University of Warsaw french university studies in French romanian level B2, language certificate from the University of Bucharest Also ▸ Regular attendee of Games Industry Conference events (2014-2020), ▸ Recipient of Meritorious Honorary Blood Donor Decoration, ▸ Avid cyclist, ▸ Soda connaisseur.
Other experience 2012 — 2017 Rendeer — editing and animation of TV and cinema ads, 2011 — 2015 Artcore — directing of corporate videos, making ofs, 2009 Main prize in Best Student Blog of the Year competition organized by Brand New Media for reportages from Romania, 2008 — 2011 Artcore — Film Trailers Editor, DVD and Blu-ray Authoring Specialist, 2008 Participation in Prix de Jeunesse project during Cannes film festival, invited by French Youth and Sport Ministry, 2006 — 2007 Film workshop in Berlin, Sarajevo and Paris organized by French NGO Cinémas du Palais.